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Who is "Campaign for Liberty"?

Campaign for LibertyEarlier this month, you received an email from Kevin Brett, Production Manager at Campaign for Liberty, inviting you to submit a video of yourself wherein (among other things) you boldly declare, “I AM Campaign for Liberty!”

I hope that you have done this, or will do this!

The iPhone 4 records great HD video, for example. Or you may have a PC with a web cam. Or whatever.

But if you don’t have the equipment to do this yourself, then contact Spencer Morgan, a fellow member of Campaign for Liberty here in Utah. He can help you record your video clip.

Spencer Morgan
(801) 386-9421

Spencer will be prepared to shoot some video at the Radisson Hotel this Saturday, September 18, during the lunch break of the Freedom Conference. If you plan to attend that event (or will be nearby) and would like him to shoot your video clip, let him know. If that does not work, contact him and make other arrangements.

Your clip should be 30 to 60 seconds long. You should share WHY you are involved in Campaign for Liberty, WHAT issues are important to you, and so forth. At some point in the clip, make the statement, “I AM Campaign for Liberty!” Click here for more information.

I AM Campaign for Liberty is an interactive declaration designed to bring recognition to the many personalities that make up the C4L community. Each contributing member will help to breathe life and conviction into the foundational mission and principles of Campaign for Liberty.

Submissions are due on or before Monday, September 27, 2010. If Spencer shoots your clip, he can submit it for you. HQ will assemble the best clips and make a Member Compilation that will be dynamite to watch. And Spencer will make a compilation of the best videos for us here in Utah!

So, even if you have already made a clip and sent it to HQ, please send a copy to Spencer, too. I am eager to see a “best clip compilation” of our members in Utah.

Be a part of it!

In Liberty,

Lowell Nelson, Interim State Coordinator, Utah
Campaign for Liberty

Videos Recorded By Syracuse 08 Precinct Members:


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    Who is “Campaign for Liberty”?… #utpol #tcot #gop

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