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When it rains…

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

  1. The day before Natalie (my wife) had another encounter with a hard object hurled at her face by Porter (23 months), striking her in the nose.
  2. Natalie is the primary music leader had another spat with the primary president — both during primary and again after church at our home.
  3. While having Sunday dinner at my parent’s house Michael (6) was rough-housing with Natalie, grabbed her nose, and caused a nose bleed.
  4. At bedtime that night I was juggling Jessica (5) finishing her cereal, Porter (just being generally crazy), and Michael who needed his pills. In the confusion Porter ended up taking Michael’s anxiety medication. So, after a call to poison control, I rushed him to the emergency room and spent the night in Pediatrics with Porter hooked up to the heart monitor. Luckily, Porter is fine. I only missed a few hours of work, which I can make up later this week.
  5. Natalie went to the doctor about her nose: it’s broken. She’s scheduling a “procedure” with a plastic surgeon for later this week.

I’m not complaining. We really are blessed and have so many things to be thankful for. And even with everything that’s happened in the last 48 hours, it’s funny (literally funny) to observe that when it rains, sometimes it really pours.


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