What Isn’t Prepping?


Yes, you read the title correctly… this isn’t what prepping “is”, this is what prepping “isn’t”. But to be fair, I guess we do have to define what “prepping” is and who are “preppers”.

“Preppers” are those who “prep”. That’s easy enough.

“Prepping” is simply “preparing”. Preparing for what, you ask? The unexpected, of course!

Some people prep for the Zombie Apocalypse, Y2K, Armageddon, the Mayan’s 2012 “prophecy”, the end of the world, a global pandemic, an epidemic, war, chaos, disease, pestilence… You name it, people prep for it.

But most “preppers” are preparing for the unexpected. It’s nothing as grandiose as the mainstream media would have you believe. Preppers are normal, ordinary people — but they’re people that don’t want to caught unprepared in case something happens.

So, back to the title of this article: What “isn’t” prepping?

  • Prepping isn’t hoarding
  • Prepping isn’t panic
  • Prepping isn’t done by people who are “afraid”
  • Prepping isn’t “unhealthy” (physically, mentally, or even spiritually)
  • Prepping isn’t just for “fanatics”
  • Prepping isn’t “anarchy”

What did we miss? Can you think of something that prepping “isn’t”? If so, let us know in the comments!

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