What is a "straw poll"? Why does it indicate Ron Paul is winning?


Put simply, a straw is an unofficial ballot conducted as a test of opinion — not to pick winners or losers. Unfortunately the mainstream media doesn’t understand that and are using the Iowa Straw Poll to tell you two things:

  1. Bachmann “won”
  2. Ron Paul (who took second by less than 9/10 of 1 %) “doesn’t matter”

The name alludes to an old custom of throwing a bit of straw or dried grass into the air as a way to gauge which way the wind is blowing. Similarly, a “staw poll” isn’t intended to determine winners and losers, rather, to show which way the political “wind” is blowing.

In the recent Straw Poll:

  • Bachmann received the most votes (after arguably “buying” 4,000 votes): 4,823 votes
  • Ron Paul received only 200 votes less than Bachmann
  • The others received significantly less

If we assume that Bachmann’s “ballot stuffing” or “vote buying” is legitimate and subtract those 4,000 votes (leaving her with 823 votes), the “direction of the wind” is clearly blowing toward Ron Paul with over 4,500 votes!

But the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know that!

The “unbiased” mainstream media is repeatedly proving themselves untrustworthy.

Make sure you do your own research on political candidates.

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