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What do we do when DC politicians violate the Constitution with impunity?

What do we do when DC politicians violate the Constitution with impunity? Thomas Jefferson had an answer. In 1798 he wrote that “whensoever” the Federal State “assumes undelegated powers,” that a “nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” And . . .

Nullification is happening right now!

  • Just last week, the Idaho House and the North Dakota Senate passed a Health Care Nullification Act. Nine other states are considering the same.
  • Multiple states have passed firearms freedom acts, with more coming soon.

All across the country, the various states are saying “enough” to the Leviathan State in DC!, Inc. is supporting the Tenth Amendment Center’s 2011 Nullify Now! tour to educate and activate on behalf of this Constitutional tactic

And I, Jim Babka am personally speaking at some locations.

  • 3/5 Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 3/19 Manchester, New Hampshire
  • 4/2 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Here’s a web-link.

Please click this link. Why? Because you’ll see . . .

  • All the other stops on the Nullify Now! tour
  • The other speakers scheduled to appear
  • A new video of my speech at Nullify Now! – Orlando.
  • And, how you can get a FREE ticket for THIS WEEKEND’S event in Cincinnati.

At Nullify Now, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What exactly IS nullification? …and why you’ll find this tactic helpful in combatting creeping statism.
  • The historical, Constitutional, and moral basis for nullification.
  • The history story never told – how states used their powers and nullification to fight-off slavery laws in the 1800s.
  • How nullification is being used around the country right NOW.
  • What you can do TODAY to stand up for Constitutionally-limited government.

Please share this with your friends, your neighbors, and your family, and join us at a Nullify Now! tour stop near you!

Once again, please visit this link for more information TODAY.

I hope to see you at Nullify Now!

Jim Babka, President, Inc.



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