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We’ve got bees!

GREAT NEWS! Though it was too late to get pictures, my boys and I were able to pick up two starter hives, truck them ~80 miles North, and install them last night!

We didn’t look for queens, we just checker-boarded some empty foundation frames in, added a deep super, and refilled their feeders.

One of them was doing so well we even put the queen excluder on and added a shallow honey super on top for them to start pulling comb.

Since these were starter hives instead of NUCs, we’ve got most of the equipment that we’ll need for two additional hives once we pick up what were going to be “replacement” NUCs this Friday night.

So, what was going to be two is now going to be 4 hives!

I’ll work on pictures as soon as we’re back up on the property.


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