Joe Levi for Vice Chair of the Utah Republican Party

The price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.

I am Joe Levi, and I’m running for Vice Chair of the Utah Republican Party.

When asked what form of government our Founders had given us, Benjamin Franklin responded almost prophetically: “A Republic… if you can keep it”.

The Declaration of Independence boldly proclaims that all of us are created equal and are given Rights by our Creator. Government is instituted by us to secure our rights, deriving its just powers from our consent. It is the We the People that are the true and rightful voice of our Republic.

There are those who feel our Republic and our Caucus system are “old-fashioned” or “out-of-date” and should be replaced by popular elections. I am not one of them. Instead of eroding the Caucus system, we should strengthen it. Our Caucus system is the mechanism through which the voices of the People in our neighborhoods continue to be heard before and especially after their votes have been counted.

By day I am a Web Developer, by night I am the Webmaster for the Cache County Republican Party and Utah Republican Party. With my background in Information Technology and my prior experience which includes serving as the Vice Chair of the Davis County Republican Party, I feel I am uniquely qualified to leverage technology to bring people who share our values into our Party; and simplify, standardize, and speed up our processes, thus freeing up Precinct and County Party leaders to foster better relationships between the elected neighborhood representatives (the Delegates), the people they represent, and our elected officials.

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