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Video: Superdell Paraglides off the Astoria Column in Oregon

Superdell paraglides off the Astoria ColumnSuperdell is also into paragliding (especially the powered paragliding variety). Being the thrill-seeker that he is he recently jumped off the Astoria Column in Oregon. One of his friends recorded the whole thing. Dell Schanze made it down safe, but after the video hit YouTube locals were able to identify him at a local beach and reported him to the police. Dell was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of prohibited conduct. He was later released on $10,000 bail.

Astoria has an ordinance that specifically prohibits certain acts at the Astoria Column (the ordinance was in response to a 1998 incident where some people rappelled from the column’s viewing platform):

  • Descent from, scaling or ascension of the exterior.
  • Climbing over the railing of the viewing platform.
  • Attaching rope to listed places on the column.
  • Making physical contact with the mural.
  • Throwing or tossing any unapproved item from the column (vendors at the Astoria Column routinely sell small balsa wood airplanes that people can throw from the top of the column).

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