Verison to offer GSM service?


With so many problems cropping up with T-Mobile’s T-Zones data plan recently, stories like this one are not all that uncommon. Ironically, it was extraordinarily poor support that caused me to jump-ship from Voicestream (the old T-Mobile) to another carrier back in the day.

For those of you interested, here are the proxy settings for T-Zones. You should be aware that other than Exchange Syncing (no POP or SMTP), and web surfing, there’s not much else you can do (not even Instant Messaging or AGPS updating for those with GPS in their WinMoPro w/GPS devices).

Okay, that said, on to the good stuff! According to a Verison rep. who visited our company today, they will soon be offering GSM! Wahoo!

Er… well maybe not wahoo… You’ll need a hybrid phone, one that supports CDMA and has a GSM SIM slot for all your “roaming” needs. This screams “problems” all over it. Now you have at LEAST two radio stacks, two radio chips, maybe even two antennae, and one number on two completely different carriers (one roaming, one Verison). The phone that I was show wasn’t anything to write home about either.

They did this, again, according to the rep., to improve their over-seas coverage (I think they are starting to feel the pinch of not being on a global standard).

The question this brings up, can one get a Verison SIM and a “no roaming charges” plan, then pop their SIM in an unlocked phone and use T-Mo or “AT&C”?


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