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Using Twitter the RIGHT way

Today I had quite an adventure. I wanted to pull some documents and whatnot out of my safe deposit box.

Needless to say, I had problems with what should have been a very easy process. (I’ll cover that in detail later).

I posted a couple tweets from the bank while I was waiting. I find this to be a good diffusing mechanism for my growing frustration in those situations. It also serves as a deterrent to them continuing to treat me poorly. “What are you doing there?” “Posting what’s happening here to the internet.”

In this instance a guy named @BenJoeM2 started responding to my tweets. Not just responding, but giving valuable insight and opinions on what was going on. Then he started making recommendations about  local credit union.

I investigated further. It turns out @BenJoeM2 is a sales manager for Goldenwest Credit Union. But even though @BenJoeM2 works for the company, he didn’t start out trying to hard-sell me into anything. He started out offering friendly, helpful advice.

That friendly, helpful advice set the stage for him to offer suggestions about how his employer could help with my situation.

Here’s the kicker: I don’t need any of the services that he was offering, I’m already set up. However, there are countless others out there who now have access to that information. Not only that, when someone asks me about how my story turned out because they’re in a similar situation, and who I’d recommend to help them, guess who I’m going to refer them to?

You guessed it.

That, my dear readers, is the power of Twitter and social networking. That’s Twitter done right.

My hat’s off to you, @BenJoeM2!


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  1. BenJoe says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for the post. I am a firm believer sales is about creating relationships and find ways to connect with people. I hate it when I mention something on twitter and then GET SPAMMED! Follow me, talk with me, communicate with me and see what I need. That is the way to do it. Joe is right on the money!

    Thanks man.

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