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Updates Coming to the Android Market?

Publishers and developers just got an email from Google’s Android Market Team advising them of “planned service outage impacting Android Market”. This outage to the Android Market Developer Console will occur at 10PM on Thursday 18 November and ends by 4AM Friday 19 November 2010, Pacific Standard Time. Google originally got the days wrong and sent out an update to reflect the changes mentioned above.
“During this time, there will be view-only access to the Developer Console at You will be able to view your list of applications and error reports; however, you will not be able to upload new apps or make updates to existing apps. The publish status of your applications and use of the Android Market app on phones should not be impacted.”
While this shouldn’t have any impact on end-users, or people browsing the Android Market, it does infer that changes are coming to the back-end, which may bring new features to the front-end.
What new features would you like to see in the Android Market?

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