Twitter Updates for 2008-09-09

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  • @overheard “It’s that GUID… when we restored it the GUID changed…” #
  • @overheard I’m going to get all the SEO terms for half-bengal cats. It’s an expirament… #
  • @AndreaL426 it’s a sad commentary on the state of parents 2day. We use TV as a “taking a rest” tool. When u want 2 “do something” go outside #
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  • @straylightrise gotta be a virus… you can blame anything you want on a virus. A “virus” blew out the video card of one of my relatives. #
  • @sarahintampa Just Microsoft and Google… that’s more than one entity controlling the “innerwebs” #
  • MSNBC reports the US Presidential race in a dead heat. Baldwin, Nader, Barr, Obama, and McCain are all tied? That’s AMAZING! It’s GREAT! #
  • The Constitution isn’t an instrument 4 the Gov’t 2 restrain the People. It is an instrument of the People 2 restrain the Gov’t.Patrick Henry #
  • I need a piece of glass or plexiglass for a project of mine. Anyone in the Weber/Davis/Salt Lake Utah counties got one for free/cheap? #
  • @mikedopp LessFriends isn’t very accurate, is it? #
  • Wow, HUGE follower jump today, up from mid 200’s to 322! Yikes! Thanks all you new followers! #

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