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The Music of MIX07

Tentacled Sawfish

Prior to the beginning of the Day 1 opening Keynote address the MIX07 attendees were treated with the music of Tentacled Sawfish. There are more than retro, they’re what I’d call “old world.” Classic pseudo-victorean dress, with accordion, bass, piano, and saw (yes, as in the thing you cut wood with). Truly a unique sound, these guys set an ambiance that I just can’t describe. I was impressed.

Just before the keynote was to begin they introduced themselves, but unfortunately he was pulling away from the mic when he did so and no one I asked could understand their name. Tentacled Sawfish. Now you know.

Check their websites: on mySpace and at

I had the chance to talk with them at the Pure party and got permission to post some clips on here, which I plan on doing once I get home from MIX, so stay tuned.

PS: Guys, if you’re reading this, did you perform as “Circus Contraption” or “The Tentacled Sawfish”? Were the songs that you performed at the opening of the keynote on the CD you gave me? If not what were their names? I assume I can purchase them from as well, right? Keep in touch! You’ve got something unique going for you. That unique quality is sorely missing from most of today’s music.


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