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The Great Wall of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew layer complete. Anyone from Mountain Dew want to... on TwitPicMy co-worker drinks Dr. Pepper… I’m a Mountain Dew man, myself. When he started building a wall of Dr. Pepper cans in his cube I contributed by adding my cans for Mountain Dew.

Recently he left for China on business. We wanted to show him up when he gets back, so we embarked on a department-wide quest to cover his Great Wall of Dr. Pepper with another layer, this time composed entirely of empty Mountain Dew and Diet Mountain Dew cans.

He gets back in the office next week, and we just finished the monumental task. 300 cans of Dew stand in front of his Dr. Pepper, held together by LocTite 495 “Instant Adhesive."

So, LocTite Company, Mt. Dew? Anyone want to sponsor us? Button-down shirts are the dress-code over here… if you’re hunting for ideas. (Of course, we’d post pictures of the department sporting your garb right here on the inner-webs for the whole world to see.)

Meanwhile, my co-worker is sure he can secure Dr. Pepper sponsorship to help reclaim the wall…


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