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The Enumerated Powers Act

You may notice the trend. As the letter below indicates, more and more aspiring politicians talk about limiting government to the confines of the Constitution. But the incumbents in Congress continue to ignore the Constitution when they write and pass their bills.

One way to cure them of their cluelessness is to pressure them to pass the Enumerated Powers Act. This short, simple bill will require that all bills cite their authority under the Constitution. This requirement will be a step in the right direction of rolling back the federal government to its Constitutional limits.

We’re asking you to

  1. Find out if your Representative or Senator has sponsored the Enumerated Powers Act
  2. Send a letter to Congress telling them to pass it

You may borrow from or copy this sample letter:

As you know, Senator Bob Bennett was defeated in his bid for re-election at his own party’s nominating convention. His votes for unconstitutional spending, like the Big Bailout, led to public outrage — and ultimately to his being fired by his constituents.

The two challengers who defeated him talked openly about the Constitution as a basis for limiting government. They were even given a pop quiz on the Constitution, and generally gave thoughtful, informed answers. (

There are more and more candidates like them, nationwide. After a decade of giant deficits, crony capitalism, undeclared wars, and diminishing liberties under BOTH parties, Americans are fed up. More and more of us are demanding a return to limited, Constitutional government. Challengers are seizing the opportunity and talking about the Constitution.

In contrast, when members of Congress were asked about the Constitutionality of the new health insurance mandate last fall, their answers ranged from ignorant to contemptuous. (

And Congress is still clueless:

  • The 2,319-page financial regulation bill (H.R 4173) nowhere specifies the Constitutional provision that grants legislative power to unelected bureaucrats
  • The 266-page Food Safety bill (S.510) doesn’t mention the provision whereby the Federal Government can regulate local food producers and sellers
  • And the only mention of the Constitution in the 114-page DISCLOSE Act (H.R.5175) is an admission that the bill’s Constitutionality will be challenged in court!

Supporting the Enumerated Powers Act is one way to tell the American people that you understand and care about the Constitution. It requires that each bill cite its authority under the Constitution. If Congress is unable to do this, the bill should be scrapped.

The Enumerated Powers Act will turn Congress in the direction of limiting and shrinking government, which is what the American people want.

Don’t be clueless. Pass the Enumerated Powers Act NOW. If you don’t, your replacement probably will.


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