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Tell Your Representative to Support Utah H.B. 75

H.B. 75 will be voted on sometime this week. Your legislator needs to be encouraged to vote for this bill now.

Utah Shooting Sports Council has worked hard for this bill but now we need you to step up. After all you are Utah’s Gun Lobby.

This bill is good legislation which protects law-abiding gun-owners. It prevents us from inadvertently becoming criminals by crossing through the huge invisible restricted areas created by the current “Gun Free School Zone” definition. Current Utah law is much stricter than Federal law and all of our neighboring states. This bill reduces the zones to common sense and understandable areas.

You need to call the House switchboard now at 801-538-1029 and leave a message for your representative, “Vote YES on HB75- Dangerous Weapons Amendments.” Tell your friends to do the same.

Full text and status of the bill at:

Use this easy tool to identify your Utah Representative District and find your representative’s email address and phone number-

Just enter your address, and then click on the name of the REPRESENTATIVE and then click on their email address to open a form where you can email them.

If you know your district or your Representative’s name you can go to the House roster and click there for the email addresses for all Utah Representatives

House FAX number for all members is (801) 326-1544

You can use this wording if you would like:

Subject: “Vote YES on HB75- Dangerous Weapons Amendments.”

Dear Representative [fill in their name],

Vote YES on HB75- Dangerous Weapons Amendments by Representative Oda. This bill corrects “gun free” zones to common sense and understandable areas.

[Fill in your name and address]


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