T-Mobile T-Zones Proxy


T-Mobile has a couple different data plans (which is for transferring data rather than voice information). The full “unlimited” plan and their “T-Zones” plan (which I’m paying about $6.00 monthly to get).

T-Zones is a more limited version, it blocks many protocols and ports, but is pretty decent for just web surfing and Exchange syncing from a Pocket PC Windows Mobile (Standard or Professional) device.

The configuration has been changing recently, which translates to “frustrating.” The Access Point Name is wap.voicestream.com, with no username, password, or domain. The point of confusion comes from the proxy, which slows things down, and recently hasn’t been required.

My device stopped sync’ing and surfing a few days back, apparently because T-Mobile started requiring the proxy server again. So, for those of you similarly situated, here’s your proxy information (for the US anyway):

Proxy Server
Secure WAP

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