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How to make a Solar-Powered “Sun in a Jar” LED lantern for under $5

One of the important items to include in any Prepping Plan™ is light.

  • Light can help extend the hours that we can work by letting us see before and after the sun goes down.
  • Light can help us work on things in otherwise dark places (sheds, basements, etc.).
  • Light can help us see things more clearly (every dentist’s office and surgical table comes equipped with light to help them see clearly).
  • Light can help illuminate an area and make it less of a target for burglars and vandals (or worse).
  • Light can give you hope.
  • Light can help you make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night without stubbing your toe.
  • Light can help calm a child.

“Light” comes in lots of different forms: natural light like daylight and moonlight, and artificial light (flashlights, lanterns, etc.).

The best source of light that we have is the Sun, unfortunately the Sun doesn’t shine at night (unless you count the light from the Moon). Luckily we can capture the sun’s light, store it, then use that stored energy to give us light at night. With a little ingenuity we can make our own “Sun in a Jar” for under $5.

Hit play and I’ll show you how!


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