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Stimulus Bill irrefutably proves Obama is a liar

It’s somewhat ironic that this post falls on President’s Day.

“Change we need right now.” That was the unifying mantra of the Obama campaign. He made several lofty promises.1

Promises Made

President Obama promised the most open, transparent administration in history. He pledged to not sign bills that hadn’t been posted online for the public to read for at least five days BEFORE the final vote was cast.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, just a week ago, promised that the final version of the scam (stimulus) bill would be posted online for at least 48 hours before the vote.

image Promises Broken

  • The 1,073 page scam bill, with an extra 421 page Explanatory Statement, was delivered, still unfinished, at midnight Thursday.
  • The House passed the bill 14 hours and 24 minutes later.
  • The Senate did likewise 3 hours and 5 minutes after the House.

Obama, Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Reid were practicing power politics. They didn’t want us to see what this bill was really about.

They knew that the more people saw what was hidden in the bill the more they would hate it, so they had to move fast.

The Republicans, Love them or hate them, were suddenly indignant that no one had time to read the bill in advance. The failure to read the bill was the GOP’s number one talking point in the final 24 hours.

The so-called “Economic Stimulus Bill” accomplished something much larger that what “they” said it was intended to do: it proved once and for all, without any room to argue, that Obama’s campaign promises were nothing but lies.

  • Congress passed the bill in the evening of 2/13/2009, Obama is expected to sign the bill into law in Denver on 2/17/2009. This won’t be five-days since passage, let alone 5-days of public comment as Obama promised. That’s a HUGE broken promise.
  • The bill has no “pay-as-you-go” requirements to fun the $700+ billion dollar bill, meaning the only way to pay for it is with taxes (yours and mine), breaking another promise to CUT taxes for 95% of all working families. That’s two broken promises in one!
  • The bill was still being written and had not been finalized when it was voted upon, how can this be seen as requiring “more disclosure”? Yet another broken promise.
  • This one bill alone arguably has more “earmarks” in it than the entire 1994 level, which Obama promised would be the limit. Another promise broken.

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