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Rights to Representation getting trampled by Politics. Your help needed!

I am asking for your help on this. Please, please email all the legislators (you can cut and paste all of their email addresses below right into your email). And please forward to anyone and everyone you know and ask them to send a quick email to all the legislators as well. To learn more visit

The state of Utah really owes it to the north Cedar Hills residents. (Your email could be “Please make sure north Cedar Hills gets a voice—pass SB113 this week,” or “Please don’t disenfranchise voters—pass SB113 this week,” or “Please pass SB113 this week so that north Cedar Hills can have a say in choosing their lawmaker,” or “Please do the right thing to protect voting rights—pass SB113 this week,” or “Please do the right thing by those north Cedar Hills residents—reinfranchise them by passing SB113 this week,” or anything like that.It’s best if you use your own words, but you can send the same thing to all of the legislators in one email if you want.)

Over the course of eight years and 5 election cycles, the State of Utah made a commitment to Utah County, to the Utah County political parties, to House District 57 residents, and especially to the residents of north Cedar Hills that those north Cedar Hills residents were all part of District 57. The residents in north Cedar Hills were given very specific authorized representations by the State of Utah that they were in District 57.

Among other things:

  • The State of Utah sent them voter registration cards telling them they were in District 57.
  • The State of Utah verified voter registers placing those voters in District 57.
  • The State of Utah approved sample ballots for those voters that put them in District 57.
  • The State of Utah validated District 57 absentee ballots for them.
  • The State of Utah approved ballots for them for District 57.
  • The voters in north Cedar Hills were not given ballots for candidates corresponding with District 27, in which, it has been recently determined, they are actually assigned.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the State of Utah to ensure that these voters have a say in choosing who their lawmaker is. To do so, the legislature must pass SB113 before the end of this week, but IT WON’T HAPPEN unless legislators get A LOT of emails from you.

“The conduct of government should always be scrupulously just in dealing with its citizens; and where a public official, acting within his authority and with knowledge of the pertinent facts, has made a commitment and the party to whom it was made has acted to his detriment in reliance on that commitment, the official should not be permitted to revoke that commitment.”

–Utah Supreme Court (602 P.2d 689)

If you were denied your voice in helping select your lawmaker, wouldn’t you want someone to speak up for you? Please email all the Utah legislators (email addresses below) asking them to get SB113 passed this week.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Right now the bill is stuck in the senate rules committee.Here are all the Senate members email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,


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