Partisan Politics? Standard Examiner article only tells half the story


The Ogden Standard Examiner ran a story entitled What place do party politics have in municipal elections? where they call out the Chairman of the Davis County GOP for asking Republicans to contact their candidates directly and ask about their political affiliation. His reasoning?

“In general, we think party affiliation is vitally important in telling people what the [candidates’] guiding principles are.”

According to the article, Mayor Jamie Nagle said:

“The polarization is destroying America […] Inserting the political party stops the conversation, and leads to tragic consequences for those in the country.”

That leaves us wondering, why did the Standard Examiner choose to demonize Chairman Cannon? Why didn’t the article mention the Davis County Democrats calling on their members to meet for a door-to-door campaign to “Save Syracuse’s City Council” from “candidates who want to gut city governments” and claim that “Syracuse, like many other cities, is under attack” by what they call “tea-party tenthers” with “extremist ideas, and ambition to enact them”.

  • The Davis County Republicans simply asked voters to contact their candidates and ask them their affiliate to get a better picture of who they are and what values they embrace.
  • The Davis County Democrats asked their members to actively campaign for the incumbents (or, against the candidates, depending on your reading of their call-to-action) using inflammatory words and polarizing rhetoric.
What’s more, the Davis County Democrats had the approval to use the home of Mayor Jamie Nagle as their headquarters for their “Save Syracuse’s City Council” door-to-door campaign.
Why didn’t the Standard Examiner article tell the other half of the story?

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