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Joe Levi

Why I am a Republican (video)

The College Republican National Committee has put together a video outlining their views on why they are Republicans. Press play and see the powerful message the younger...

Prairie Burning, (CC) by Woodleywonderworks, 0

The Prepper Mindset

If you ask a dozen different so-called “preppers” what the first thing you should do to start down the proverbial “prepper’s path”, you’ll probably get at...



With the help of their advisors, Kathy Wilson (Leg 15 Chair) and Natalie Levi (Leg 15 Vice Chair), the Teenage Republicans (TARs) assembled the morning of...

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Cross-combing in top bar hives

My wife and I are first-time beekeepers, though we both have a familial history of tending hives and harvesting honey. Her dad and my late-date both kept bees...