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Missing Votes: More anomalies with the Iowa Straw Poll

In our last several articles we’ve told you about the Ames Straw Poll. We’ve gone into some detail about the mainstream media “leaving out” the second place “winner”, and that a straw poll isn’t intended to assign “winners” and “losers”.

We’ve also brought up the point that Bachmann (who finished with 4,823 votes) reportedly bought and handed out “at least 4,000 tickets” to her supporters. Campaigns can buy tickets for $30 each. “Supporters” can be hand-picked and are likely to vote for their candidate, rather than be unbiased, as the poll would imply.

Put another way, Bachmann’s campaign paid at least $120,000 to stack the voters in the poll in her favor.

Bachmann collected 4,823 votes. If you remove the 4,000 votes that one could argue were “paid for”, that leaves her with only 823 total votes.

Ron Paul, on the other hand, collected 4,671 votes.

Another anomaly has recently come to light: 218 votes are “missing”. These are votes that were cast and included in the overall tally, but weren’t assigned to any of the candidates.

With only 152 votes separating the first place from second place participant (“bought votes” notwithstanding), don’t you think that the mainstream media would be all over this story? Where did those votes go?

Source: Infowars


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