Message from Tim Bridgewater, Candidate for U.S. Senate


Tim Bridgewater, candidate for Bob Bennett’s seat in the U.S. Senate recently sent this email, we are forwarding it on to you as a public service.

Dear friends:

Utah has already sent a message for Washington DC. Enough is enough. Now is the time to send a fiscal conservative who knows how to manage cash flow, who has real world experience in theprivate sector and who has the ability to tackle hard problems.

I have shared my plan to “Stop the Insanity” in Washington DC. We must stop the redistribution of wealth, the destruction of the free markets, the out-of-control government growth and we must say no to the “business as usual” in DC.

As your US Senator, I pledge the following:

  • I will listen
  • I will be accountable to YOU
  • I will continue to be approachable and open to feedback
  • I will fight to return power to the states
  • I will fight to reform the appropriations process
  • I will be tireless in my efforts to end government’s wasteful spending of your dollars
  • And I promise that I will work every day to ensure that we are able to leave a legacy to our children and grandchildren that they can be proud of.

I am honored to have received the endorsements of Senator Bob Bennett, Cherilyn Eagar, Fred Lampropoulos, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Utah Medical Association, dozens of Utah mayors and county council members, state legislators and many more.  Today, I hope to earn your endorsement as well.

This election has the potential to be extremely close. EVERY vote counts. Get out and vote. Get your neighbors to the polls and then join us in getting more voters to the polls. Set a goal to get 5 people to the polls – and encourage them to get 5 more to the polls.

We have a great team that will be working all day today but in the end, it comes down to you getting out and voting.

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