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Message from Orrin Hatch, U.S. Senator

Fellow Utahn,

Illegal immigration, tax increases and job-killing, bureaucratic regulations… these are the three big issues I have been fighting against this week.

Three Utah counties — Washington, Sevier and Beaver — joined the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Secure Communities Program this week. This program trains local law enforcement to identify and remove criminal aliens from our state for deportation.

I worked with the sheriffs’ offices in these counties to help them join the program. The addition of these three counties brings the total to nine Utah counties participating in the program — including Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, Box Elder, Weber and Cache.

This week’s update also features an article on my efforts to highlight the Democrats’ refusal to extend key-job creating tax cuts unless we also raise taxes and federal spending, and television clips of my efforts to stop job-killing, bureaucratic regulations being forced on us by the EPA.


Orrin Hatch

TV Interviews & Clips

  • Senator Hatch Discusses How The EPA’s Carbon Regulations Are Based On Politics Rather Than Science
  • Senator Hatch Speaks Out On The EPA’s Power Grab That Will Cost Americans Jobs And Bankrupt The Economy
  • Grant Funds Illegal Immigration Fight In County
  • Hatch Blasts Reid For Not Acting Sooner On Tax Extenders
  • Washington County To Get Help Fighting Illegal Immigration

Selected Tweets from @OrrinHatch

  • Spoke on the Senate floor yesterday on how the EPA is relying on politicized data for carbon regulations
  • Nine UT counties are now part of Secure Communities Program, an effective way to remove criminal aliens from our state.
  • Washington County joins the Secure Communities Program, which helps local law enforcement combat illegal immigration:
  • In order to pass job creating tax cuts, Dems insist we must also raise taxes and increase spending.
  • Like your low-cost health insurance? The Dems’ health care law bans low-cost plans used by 1.4 million Americans: #hcr

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