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Message from Mike Lee, Candidate, U.S. Senate

With the dust settled from the convention and primary season it is time to look forward to what is next for Utah Republicans. As a party we must remember that the primary does not mark the end of the journey or even the beginning of the end, but simply the end of the beginning. Our vision to positively move the state and nation forward on the path to prosperity, limited government and a return to the proven conservative values that have made the Grand Old Party great down through the years has just begun. Our future success will continue to hinge on our ability as campaigns and as a party to unite our individual voices around our common cause and vision.

The convention and primary cycles proved to be hard fought contests across the state and in nearly every federal, state and local race. I believe the races were hotly contested due to the number of truly talented people who were willing to stand up, speak out and put their names on the line in an attempt to make a difference. The intensity was also heightened by the record number of Utahns who got involved in the process, many for the very first time.

With so many races, including my own, being incredibly close it proved once again the difference one person, one voice and one vote can make. I solute all who have served in the past together with those who stood as candidates this year, their families and love ones who sacrificed much and to the countless volunteers who joined campaigns and gave up hours, days, weeks and even months of their lives in support of their candidate. I have been overwhelmed and humbled by the willingness of people from all walks of life to share their time and talents in order to give voice to principles that matter.

I have said many times that 2010 is a different kind of election year. People across the state and around the country have awakened to a sense of what needs to be done to reverse course, restore constitutional principles and reclaim our extraordinary future for ourselves and our posterity. We have opportunities as a party to protect important seats as well as pick up vital victories including the 2nd Congressional, Governor’s race, and a host of other key Republican seats throughout the state. To do so we must put any differences aside so that our united voices can carry our conservative message to the voters of Utah.

I encourage everyone to keep the focus forward on the incredible opportunities before us. With one common vision and one united voice we can achieve victory in November and unleash the principles of this party, which will drive us toward an even greater future.

I look forward to continuing to work with volunteers, party staff, candidates and people around the state to achieve something special at this important moment in our history. I do believe that change in Washington and throughout our nation can and must begin in Utah and will begin as we unite to vote for our vision of a better state and nation.


Mike Lee


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