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Message from Mike Lee, Candidate for U.S. Senate

Congress has been treating government like a business – creating, then expanding a national health care division, acquiring an auto industry, dabbling in banking, and adopting new entitlement programs.  Unfortunately, Congress has been funding this expansion not with capital from willing investors, but on the backs of American taxpayers and future generations.

We must remember:  the federal government is not a business – it can’t create jobs, it doesn’t create wealth, and bad things happen when it tries to do both.  We only need to look to what is happening in Greece as a preview of coming attractions for the United States if we continue to allow reckless government spending and expansion.

Washington needs a true conservative who will apply constitutional principles to reduce the size, cost, and reach of government.

I will fight every day to:

  • Repeal and defund Obamacare and institute meaningful litigation reform to lower health care costs
  • Reject irresponsible deficit spending that unfairly pushes debt to future generations
  • Return to across the board conservative values, including strong opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • Reduce federal taxes and regulations to jump-start the economy

Utahns know that when it comes to government, less is always better than more.  The choice on June 22nd is a choice of what kind of vision and voice Utah will have in Congress.  I encourage every voter to study the issues and research the candidates.  Then choose the true conservative who will limit government in the way the founding generation prescribed.  Constitutionally-limited government is what has and what will unlock the unlimited potential of our country and every citizen. 

Ronald Reagan was right – government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.  Join me in getting the government out of our business!

Mike Lee

Upcoming events:

  • Town Hall Fundraiser with Patrick Henry Caucus Co-Founder and State Representative Carl Wimmer, May 25, 7:30pm, Noah’s in South Jordan (322 West, 11000 South).
  • Meet Mike Lee in Layton, May 27, 7pm at Layton Ampitheater (403 Wasatch Drive).
  • Scandinavian Days Parade in Ephraim, May 29, 9am.
  • Rally in Moab, May 29, 3:30pm at Rotary Park (680 Mill Creek Drive).

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