KSL Reports on Energy Drinks, sort of


KSL TV, a Utah based news affiliate station, reported that some energy drinks may have alcohol in them, but during their entire report they fail to mention which do and which do not. They only briefly mention that they’re required by law to note on the can if they contain alcohol.1

A sarcastic summary of the story might read like this:

“Some energy drinks have alcohol in them. But we’re not going to tell you which ones do, and which ones don’t…. oh, but the can says right on it how much alcohol is in it… if any… so really our report is just to illustrate that people in Utah are either blind or illiterate… either that or they just can’t read.”

A five second “these have alcohol, these don’t” comparison would have been nice, as well as a “parent’s guide to determining which energy drinks have alcohol in them.” But apparently KSL didn’t feel that was worth reporting.

7 thoughts on “KSL Reports on Energy Drinks, sort of

  1. Yeah, they should have listed a comparison… The Parent’s warning should read : “If you let your kids drink energy drinks, you should be beaten, and then counselled on making sure your kids get enough sleep.”

    Energy drinks are crap designed for adults – kids shouldn’t be drinking them anyway. Soda is bad enough!

  2. It is not hard to determine which energy drinks do or do not contain alcohol for simple reason. The energy drinks that DO contain alcohol will be located in the section with the other alcoholic beverages.
    As for KSL not reporting fully on which drinks do and which do not contain alcohol would you like them to raise you children for you or is that your job

  3. Matt,

    You’re right about that not wanting KSL to raise my kids. I know what my kids drink (they’re only 7 and under, so it’s not hard right now). I try to steer them away from anything even as hard as “soda pop”. (Glad to see you agree, Hazard!)

    It’s the shoddy, alarmist reporting by KSL that’s gotten my feathers ruffled.

    Casey, give it to your NEIGHBORS pets and see if they start walking funny… 😉

  4. Personally, I don’t buy any energy drinks (i.e. Bookoo, Full Throttle, etc.), except for the occasional Powerade; so I don’t have to worry about which ones have alcohol or not. A quick run-down would have been nice, but now at least it’s nice to know what to look for. I wouldn’t even think to put a depressant into a drink saturated with stimulants. That’s just plain stupid.

  5. I found a good example of the confusion that KSL’s report started last night. I arrived at work this morning and one of my coworkers was logged on to the KSL website, she called me over to the computer and proceeded to tell me how the Red Bull her thirteen year old son drinks everyday has alcohol in it. I tried to tell her this wasn’t true, her response, “it says it right here energy drinks have beer in them!”.

  6. Trent,

    Thank you for helping to illustrate the point.

    Another inference one could make from your co-workers statement is that “people who do not read drink labels ALSO do not read news headlines.”

    The headline read “Some Energy Drinks Contain Alcohol,” your co-worker just glazed over the word “some.”

    Thanks again for the illustration, and I hope to see more of your comments on the blog! Welcome!


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