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iPhone Root Password Cracked

What if there was an interface that used Unix as it’s core OS? What if that company made a mobile version of its OS for its new cell phone?

Would that cell phone have a root user? If so, would the password be something smart like a salted version of the IMEI or the phone number? Or would they just make one root user/password?

Well, if you find the iPhone’s passwd file and crack it using DES (you know, the same DES from 1979), you can find out the passwords for the ROOT user (and other “fun” accounts)… Give “alpine” and “dottie” a try for the “root” and “mobile” logins (not necessarily in that order).

Anyone got a terminal program we can tap into? 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Hey McKay… you’re still reading my lil’ ol’ ‘blog? Thanks!

    And yes, I do agree with some of the points in the slashdot article, but I don’t think the polar opposite to paranoia (as the article suggests) is the appropriate response, either.

    Ask any Unix/Linux user, the ROOT account means total control, and the ROOT password is the most protected of all passwords.

    So just because there is no terminal application and no known hacks, just having the password be common knowledge seems to be a concerning area.

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