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I AM Campaign For Liberty Viral Campaign

Just a few days remain before we wrap up our “I Am Campaign for Liberty” competition this Monday, October 4.

The first two phases of the project focused on regions and states, with Ron Paul-signed copies of our Rally for the Republic DVD and End the Fed as prizes.

In this final phase, which is based on congressional districts, the district with the most video submissions by the deadline will receive free grassroots leadership training from Campaign for Liberty Senior Consultant Kirk Shelley!

Our top-notch grassroots training is essential to understanding the real nature of politics and getting the tools you need to be an effective leader.

You will learn what you need to know to be respected and feared by the political class.

This training could be coming to your congressional district FOR FREE! All you need to do to have a chance to win is to send us your “I Am C4L” video by Monday, October 4.

It does not get any better than this.

This is your opportunity to take a stand and let people know what is important to you.

Let them know why you are involved in Campaign for Liberty and the fight to restore our Republic.

Show the establishment that C4L’s members are real, everyday Americans, concerned enough about their country to be active participants in the political process.

Kirk Shelley has been involved at nearly every level of politics over the last 25 years. With a brief, simple YouTube video, you could bring his expert grassroots training class to your congressional district. Your friends, family, and neighbors will all benefit by learning from the best!

If you’ve been putting off submitting a video, this weekend is your last chance. Many computers have built-in webcams. Most cell phones have basic video recorders, and more than likely, someone you know has a video camera.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Your message doesn’t have to be a personal manifesto; it can be as brief as a simple statement of support.

Meet John Wu. He didn’t need the endorsement of political talking heads to take a stand.

For complete contest rules and information, visit

We hope you’ll join John and the rest of the “I AM Campaign for Liberty” participants as we decisively and uncompromisingly take our country back.

The best way to begin is by winning this competition and bringing our top-notch grassroots training to your congressional district!

In Liberty,

Kevin Brett, Production Manager
Campaign 4 Liberty

Here’s the contribution from our Precinct Vice Chair, Joe Levi:


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