Here’s how to comfortably carry an extra magazine for your sidearm

I carry a sidearm for defense of self and family whenever possible. That comes with a big responsibility — one that’s beyond the scope of this article.
One of the most common points of failure in modern firearms is — believe it or not — the magazine. To address that concern I carry a spare.
I’ve been a fan of carrying an extra magazine ever since the GunDudes talked about that topic on their podcast. I’ve tried vertical holders, which are okay for the 10-round magazines, but anything more than that and they really start to jab at you. When I switched to 9mm from .45 ACP I started carrying 17-round magazines — much too tall for a vertical holder. That’s when I started looking for a horizontal solution, and found your product.
I had to patiently wait for the Glock 9mm version of the MagHolder to be released, but now that it’s here, I completely love it. I can carry a spare sub-compact, compact, or full-sized magazine easily now!
My family and I recently went to Arches National Park. We camped in Moab and I had my first experience sleeping in a hammock. You don’t “empty your pockets before turning in” like you do when you’re in a tent. By the time I got situated in my hammock and mummy bag, I’d forgotten that I still had my Glock on my right side and my MagHolder on my left. I figured I’d just wear them to bed with me and “suffer the consequences” in the morning.
When morning arrived I hopped out of the hammock and put on my shoes and hat. My MagHolder and Glock were still in place, ready to face the day.
I’d recommend MagHolder to anyone who owns a sidearm. Give ’em a look. If you like them, tell ’em Joe at Suburban Prepping referred you.

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