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Hammer Control

According to a KSL News Report a Massachusetts man is in police custody accused of beating his son and wife to death with a hammer.

It’s examples like this that make me weep! Why would a man in such an emotional state have access to a hammer?

Studies have shown that homes with a hammer present are MUCH more likely to have “hammer related injuries” (including deaths) than homes without hammers!

How many children must be injured or killed before we call for tighter hammer control? I suggest we impose MANDATORY background checks and a 3-day “cooling off” period before anyone can purchase a hammer.

From what I understand, this was a relatively heavy

hammer, what should be dubbed an “assault hammer.” Why would anyone need anything more than a rubber mallet? Only construction professionals should be allowed to purchase and use assault hammers, and even then they should be registered and kept locked in a padded case whenever not in use.

Additionally, a national “hammer impact database” should be kept of the unique “impact finger-print” that each hammer makes so that we can track each hammer to its owner.

Only through tighter hammer control measures such as these can we prevent greusome events like this one!!


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