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Greening your toolbox

Most of you know, I’m not your traditional “green freak”. I’m not trying to save the world by greenhouse gas reduction or any other “magic bullet”. Rather, I think that we all should evaluate the impact we have on the world around us and take logical, sensible steps in every aspect of our lives to make the world around us cleaner  and a nicer place to live.

I’ve been doing a substantial amount of home improvements of late in preparation to sell our house. You’d be amazed how many squeaks and stuck “stuff” there is in a house that’s over ten years old!

If something’s stuck (a bolt, hinge, etc.) I typically use WD-40. Please note, WD-40 is NOT a lubricant. It’s a solvent and a water-displacement substance. DO NOT use WD-40 to lubricate anything. That having been said, have you looked at the ingredients in WD-40? As with most industrial solvents, it’s not that clean. So I went looking for a biodegradable lubricant spray. I found a company called Evergreen America that carries just that sort of thing!

What’s more, being a “gun guy” I was surprised to see that they even carry gun lubricants! Off to greening my gun box! 🙂


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