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GOP To Compromise on Bush Tax Cuts?

ALERT: The liberals are trying to force the GOP to compromise: “Either only keep the Bush tax cuts for the middle class or no tax cuts at all” Will conservatives fight to reinstate the tax cuts for everyone or will they compromise with the Dems?

Tell Congress: No Compromise on Bush Tax Cuts SEND FAXES TO ALL 535 CONGRESSMEN!

The Bush tax cuts give tax breaks to individuals and small businesses making over $200,000. If the tax cuts are not extended, Americans will get hit with the largest tax increase in history.

Obama and the Dems will likely turn the tax cut discussions into a prolonged game of chicken trying to let the Bush tax cuts expire.

But voters overwhelmingly rejected the Obama tax increases and want government spending to decrease immediately. Obama and the democrats cannot be allowed to tax and spend – taking money from all Americans to flush down a Democrat stimulus drain that has failed.

But is the GOP leadership listening to the voters — will they keep the Bush tax cuts or compromise with Obama, Pelosi and Reid and divide Americans in a class war pitting American against American?

Just listen to how Obama and the Democrats think. In Morning Money, David Cay Johnson (a well-respected tax journalist) wrote: “I don’t think the Republicans are so stupid that they would let all the Bush tax cuts expire if they cannot continue tax cuts for billionaires and the affluent on all of their income. … This is a fight that Obama can win, and win handily…”

The GOP must not abandon conservative principles; ignore the mandate of the election to change by reducing taxes and spending and compromise with the Democrats. Will the GOP leave conservatives behind and march in the direction of the liberal’s maybe just a little slower?

Obama Wants To Keep Spending While He Raises Taxes

Obama has said that we need a tax hike to pay down the deficit. Wait – wasn’t it Obama who racked up the most spending in history in 2 years to increase the 13 trillion dollar deficit in the first place? I guess Obama has a pretty short memory. In reality, a tax hike will not help pay off our deficit, in fact, it won’t even make a noticeable dent in the debt. I’m not sure why Obama and his buddies are spending all this time trying to figure out how to cut down the deficit when the answer is so simple – cut spending!

Tax Hikes Will Hit All Americans Hard

Reagan got it right and the Democratic controlled House, at the urging of President Reagan, cut the marginal tax rate on the highest-income tax bracket from 70% to 28% and the economy grew. We all know we need jobs and if Americans have more money businesses will employ workers and create new jobs. Government does not create jobs they only take money in the form of taxes away from all Americans. Creating and economy with more new jobs is the best way to climb out of the recession. As usual, the Democrats have tossed facts and reason out the window and want to punish job creators. It makes no sense!

Compromising on the Bush tax cuts amounts to passing the largest tax increase in our country’s history and will have a ripple effect. When you jack up the taxes Americans stop spending. Hasn’t Washington got the memo that people are not breaking open their wallets?

Democrats whine that people should be punished for their wealth, all people. The problem is they believe the middle class has too much wealth. When Americans have more money to spend every day, jobs are created and the economy goes to work. A huge tax increase will pull the plug on our economy’s engine.

Obama’s Liberal Lost – Democrats Plan a Last Ditch Effort To Crush Americans With A Barrage Of Rotten Bills

Lame Duck Legislative Bomb Plans Exposed:

  • The largest tax increase in history
  • Free college for illegals (i.e. Harry Reid’s DREAM Act)
  • Repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”
  • Extension in unemployment insurance benefits
  • Green light for workers to sue over perceived wage discrimination (Paycheck Fairness Act)
  • Bargaining rights for union members
  • Tax cuts for teachers who buy pencils and toilet paper
  • A bill to make sure Twinkies aren’t poisonous (i.e. food safety legislation)
  • A new law to force Americans to buy pricey electric cars to comply with a new renewable electricity standard
  • Government control over kids nutrition
  • Another flood of cash for our broken education system
  • Confirm five Obama radical judges to the federal court

It is critical we block the passage of these bills before it’s too late. We must take advantage of our window of opportunity and defend our country against this madness!
The liberals intend to pass these 20 outrageous bills the same way they passed ObamaCare: by using threats and intimidation.

Forcing poor legislation on America is no way for elected officials to behave. The time is now, more than ever, to end this insanity.The Dems want to shove these bills through Congress by Christmas.


  1. Select Below To Tell Congress If They Want To Continue Their Outrageous Behavior: Go Join A Traveling Circus!
  2. Send this Alert to EVERYONE you know and every like-minded friend on your personal email list who wants to stop the DC gangsters alarming assault of big government bills! We need to get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of faxes delivered to EACH AND EVERY Senator and Congressman. It’s time Congress gets the message!
  3. Keep calling your Senators today, toll free numbers include 1-877-851-6437 and 1-866-220-0044, or call 1-202-225-3121 AND REGISTER YOUR OUTRAGE! Demand Congress STOP wasting our time and tax dollars with bizarre bills and fix our economy!
  4. CALL President Obama, 202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414 expressing your disdain and ABSOLUTE REJECTION of the thug takeover of our government.
  5. Pass it around where normal working class Americans gather who care about the future of our country. Polling data reveals that Americans want Washington to fix the economy and stop wasting time passing rotten bills!



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