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Food & Water Watch, Tool of the Liberal Agenda?

I’ve been getting emails from Food & Water Watch for some time now. Most of the time their information seems good, and their mission laudable. Today, however, I got an email from them that included this post-script:

P.S. The Senate passed the Food Safety Bill this morning. This is a good step toward improving the safety of our food, and thanks to your advocacy will help protect small farmers. Thanks for making your voice heard on this issue!

Wait, what?! Does Food & Water Watch really thing the fraudulently named “Food Safety Bill” will make our food supply safer? S.510 only further chokes the small, family-run farms with additional rules, regulations, and requirements that won’t do a single thing to make our food safer. The big mega-farms won’t have too much trouble adopting these regulations, but THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. We should be encouraging small farms and discouraging factory-farms. S.510 does the opposite of this.

I replied to the email and am awaiting a reply, but for the time being, it looks like Food & Water Watch either has their head in the liberal Utopian clouds, or are simply a tool of the liberal agenda.

S.510 was NOT about making our food safer. S.510 was about giving the Federal Government more control over our food system. It’s a draconian take-over that will all but bankrupt small, family farms, and has the potential to impact me with my meager flock of six egg-hens.

S.510 punishes the small farmers and rewards the big, industrial “farm factories” — which is the OPPOSITE of what I thought Food & Water Watch stood for.

There is another Senate Bill that will Federalize almost all the water supplies available, including the well that I intend to dig for my new home. Will you also support that bill which will only serve to make the already-too-large and ineffective Federal Government even larger?

– Joe Levi, State Delegate & Precinct Vice Chair


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