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Fire Alarm at Work

This morning the fire alarm went off at work, prompting the evacuation of the building. Luckily this led to some impromptu meetings between us (IT) and Marketing regarding a recent announcement (which I can’t discuss yet, stay tuned) and a rough strategy how we’re going to tackle the upcoming months).

About ten minutes after we evacuated the fire truck (only one) showed up.




The reason all this is noteworthy is due to the fact that we employ a very high-tech powder-coating process to coat the metal parts of our products. Powder-coating is much better than paint because of the way in which it binds with the metal that it’s applied to; it chips less and is much more durable than a painted surface, and also adds a high-degree of “rust-proof-ness” to the finished product.

The down-side is that at high temperatures the raw materials used in the process may be somewhat explosive and the resulting fire may burn very, very hot.

Luckily, those temperatures are very high and this was just a false-alarm.

Back to work!


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  1. Joe says:

    Not more than 30 minutes after going back inside from the first fire alarm, we were forced to evacuate outside again for a second alarm.

    No fire station response this time, and we were only out for about 5 minutes this last time, but still, another interruption… or chance to meet and mingle in the fresh air of a beautiful, over-cast day.

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