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FedEx Customer Service Problems

My order, placed Monday, June 04, 2007 was scheduled to be delivered today (Friday, June 08, 2007) via and was reported “Delivered. Left at front door. Signature Service not requested.”

My wife was home all day and did not hear a knock or door-bell ring during the time that FedEx reports the item as being delivered (approximately 3:30pm local time).

I called FedEx to inquire as to the status and was told they would investigate. FedEx did not return the call.

I called back and advised the FedEx representative that I would have to file a police report within the next hour (the end of extended-business hours at my local police station) and that as routine procedure they would be calling in the FedEx driver. I was then hung up on by the FedEx representative.

I called FedEx back to file a formal complaint against the prior representative with a supervisor (Scott in the Houston Customer Advocacy Team), relayed the relevant information, and has placed on hold while he contacted the “Salt Lake Terminal.”

When he came back on the line I was told that he had spoken with Michelle and requested the number where “the driver could call me back,” which I provided. He informed me that he would call me back to finalize the complaint against the pior FedEx representative and provide me with a case number.

Scott didn’t call back. Michelle didn’t call. The driver didn’t call.

I called back and spoke with Dan Quast in the Kamloops Customer Advocacy Team. While I was on the phone with Dan the driver showed up (in a personal vehicle), package in-hand.

Scott, Dan, and the driver were all very helpful in the matter (as I’m sure Michelle from the local hub was as well). The other customer service reps were entirely worthless. Harsh words, but acurate.

The problem stemmed from FedEx’s system that allows the driver to tag a package once, but not to update it once it’s been read into the system. Fix that, discipline the rep who hung up on me, and make everyone as good as Scott and Dan, and I’m sure the problems will be solved. :: sigh ::


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2 Responses

  1. justin says:

    fed ex is unbelievable. i am in the middle of getting fuc*ed by them about a bicycle they shipped to me and was damaged en route.
    the lack of communication between, say, the customer advocacy team and, say, anyone else is dismal. these cavalier drivers are disguting. if i can help it, i will never use fed ex again.

  2. Joe says:


    I don’t blame you for your frustration. I have found, however, with damage claims, it’s typically just a matter of filling out the right form within the right amount of time, after that it’s usually a check and a mailing label…. you get a check from FedEx for the damaged item, and they basically buy it from you (that’s what the label is for).

    Often times, however, you have to rely on the sender (which is usually the “seller” if the item shipped was a purchased item). Sometimes sellers don’t want to follow through with the claim (they have your money, after all), if that’s the case package it back up, put a “return to sender” label on it (or ask FedEx for one) and contest the charge with your credit card company/PayPal. Since the item is no longer in your possession and they weren’t helping you in a timely fashion, you’re usually “in the right” and will get your money back.

    Just a thought.

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