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I am frequently asked questions regarding what services I offer and how much I charge. In the true spirit of the web, here’s an FAQ to answer just that. Of course, if your questions aren’t answered to your satisfaction, you’re more than welcome to contact me for clarification.

This page is divided into the following sections:

  1. full-time employment
  2. freelance/consulting services
  3. what are you “so expensive”?

Full-Time Employment

Are you looking for a new job?

  • I’m currently employed full-time with a company that I love.
  • Though I’m not actively seeking new employment, you’re welcome to contact me with legitimate offers of employment, noting the criteria below.
  • You can review my qualifications at http://Hire.JoeLevi.com

What compensation would you require to consider a new job?

  • The position should be full-time (permanent) in most cases (contract-to-hire positions aren’t usually considered).
  • Ideally, the position should be within commuting distance from Cache County, Utah; or allow for full-time telecommuting.
  • 401(k) program with employer match, and short vesting period (or post-tax cash equivalent applied to wage/salary).
  • Full family benefits — medical, dental, visual (or post-tax cash equivalent applied to wage/salary).
  • Medical Flexible Spending Account (“Cafeteria Plan”); Health Savings Account; or post-tax cash equivalent applied to wage/salary.

What about wage? Salary?

  • Yes, I expect to be paid.
  • How much do I expect to be paid?? That’s negotiable. Just do your homework and don’t under-bid. If you do, you’re wasting my time and your time.
  • Remember that you’re hiring a specialist… not just some geeky, high school web guy.

Freelance/Consulting Services

Do you design web pages?

  • Not generally, I am a web archetect or web developer, not a designer. I take designs and turn them in to well-structured, search engine optimized, semantic xhtml/dhtml styled with cross-browser/cross-platform css.
  • That having been said, if you have an established brand (color scheme, graphical elements, etc.), I can make a website look like your print or other interactive materials.

Can you make me a web site?

  • Sure! I typically build upon WordPress because it’s relatively quick to get a site up and running, and provides you (the client) the ability to manage and create content.
  • I can provide hosting for your site, or I can I consult with you on what to look for in a reliable web host.
  • I can register your domain for you and manage the DNS settings, or I can consult with you on domain registrars and necessary/desirable DNS entries.

I just have a bunch of questions regarding (insert some technical mumbo jumbo here), can you help me answer them?

  • Yes.
  • Electronic (Wire, phone, email, etc.) question/answer consulting services start at $50/hr.
  • In-person question/answer consulting services run $150/hr (including transit time).
  • “Emergency” or “urgent” requests carry circumstance-specific per-hour premiums.

Do you fix computers?

  • Yup, I can do that, too!
  • You must have your original installation disks (for programs and operating system) as well as any and all serial numbers and/or product codes.
  • You are responsible for backing up all data that you want to be saved before allowing me to work on your computer.
  • Rates begin at $250 flat-rate for technician time, plus $50/hr bench time.
  • Final bills average $300 to $650.

Why are you “so expensive”?

Experience Matters

  • If your other candidates are notably cheaper than I am, perhaps their quality is as well.
  • I’ve been doing this for quite a while… over 20 years now. I’ve seen trends and fads come and go. I know what works and I know what doesn’t. I know that it’s foolish to use technology for technology’s sake. If your other candidates are notably cheaper than I am, perhaps they’ve only been at this for a little while & and their inexperience may cost quite a bit down the road.
  • Remember that this is your online identity we’re talking about. If you want to present a professional outward appearance in person you probably don’t wear ratty jeans and a t-shirt with holes in it, why would you do that with your website? Cleanliness of markup, optimization of graphics, overall interface and usability are important. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I do offer consulting services to help educate those that may be over their heads with “all this techno stuff.”

Why do you charge what you do?

  • Simply put, I charge what I’m worth. Take what you do, for example. Would you be willing to do your job for 50% less? No? Why not?
  • If you think I’m too expensive, you’re probably not looking for someone with my skill set and/or experience.

“But my [ nephew | a friend’s kid ] can [ make me a website | fix my computer ] for a lot less than that!”

  • Great! Why are you looking for anyone else? Is it because they don’t have the qualifications and/or experience that you want?
  • There has to be a rational reason why they are so cheap; the better question might be “why are they so cheap?”
  • There is a difference between “cheap” and “inexpensive”.

I can hire a firm in India to do this for me for a lot less than you’re charging

  • Great! When they go out of business, or charge you 3-4 times more to maintain the project than you paid for it, or never deliver it to you, go ahead and come back to me.
  • It will probably cost about 3X more to “fix” their work than what it would if you’d have hired me.

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