Day 3: And you wondered why Delta was having problems

MIX07 has come and gone, and the information that’s leaking out of my ears is just aching to be set free once I get back to my dev box so I can plug in some of the goodness that we were shown.

If only I could get home… Mike and I paid a crazy cabbie “a little extra” to get us to the airport fast. If only we’d known what that meant! Yikes! In any event, our Delta flight was scheduled to leave at 5:35pm (PST), and we pulled up to the skycap at 4:50. Pushing it a little, true, but so long as the e- ticket tickets sign-in kiosks were free and security was operating smoothly, we should have had time.

Should have — unless of course Delta cancels the flight and reschedules your 5:35 departure to 5-sharp. Nice.

Se we had them cancel the tickets and refund the money (to the corporate card), and hurried and ran over Southwest, paid money out of pocket to fly back tonight. Delta’s option: pay for another night in the hotel and leave at 6:30 tomorrow… right. No wonder they went bankrupt.

Delta, if you’re reading this, from a former shareholder (before you cancelled all outstanding shares), you were supposed to use the backruptcy for restructure and re-oragnization… you know, to get better. Better luck next time. If you want to make it up to me just drop me an email: Joe at Joe

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