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Dave Ramsey says to sell a bunch of stuff

Dave Ramsey says that to really the Baby Step Two (pay off all your debt except your home using the “debt snowball”) rolling, you should sell some stuff… in fact, you should sell so much stuff that the kids worry that they’ll be next…

So here’s some stuff that I’m selling, everything you buy will go directly to my debt snowball:

  • IMAG0060 $15 + shipping. Retro Bluetooth handset, gently used, original packaging, as seen on for $29.99 plus shipping.
  • IMAG0061 $5 + shipping. Space Invaders hand-held video game, gently used.
  • IMAG0063  $2.50 + shipping. Pirate Code Monkey “flair” pin, new.
  • IMAG0062 $2.50 + shipping. Racecar Wheel Yo-Yo, new.
  • IMAG0064 $2.50 + shipping. DIGG sticker, new.
  • IMAG0065 $15 + shipping. Windows Vista 128MB USB thumb drive pre-loaded with “Windows Live Platform” bits from MIX08, new.
  • IMAG0067 $15 + shipping. Windows Vista hat, one size fits some, new.
  • IMAG0068 $25 + shipping. Vista Soda, Lemon-Lime flavor, new & unopened.
  • IMAG0070 $5 + shipping. XBOX 360 neck lanyard, new.
  • IMAG0066 $1.50 + shipping. Soda-can insulator, new.
  • IMAG0069 $5 + shipping. Lifetime Products Mug filled with goodies, new.
  • $2.50 + shipping. Lifetime Products neck lanyard, new.



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