Darrell’s Appliance in Beautiful Downtown Benson: One Star


I try to go out of my way to support local, independently owned and operated businesses whenever possible. When our clothes washer broke down, we decided to get a replacement.

Due to space limitations, we have to have a stacking washer/dryer. Our local big-box appliance store didn’t have any compatible units in stock and would have to order one in, so we decided to “go local”,

Darrell’s doesn’t carry our brand, so we decided to replace both the washer and dryer – at significant expense. We worked with our salesman to find the only gas unit in the store and get it ordered – along with a stacking kit, new hoses, propane conversion kit, delivery, and install.

Our salesman told us their installers would call us the following Monday to schedule an installed “around Friday”. That’s a long time to go without a clothes washer, but we went ahead and paid.

Monday rolled around: no call.

Tuesday came and went: no call.

My wife stopped by the store on her way home from work – they had no idea what she was talking about. I sent over a copy of our order, and they did some digging: one component is on order, delivery won’t happen anytime before the 1st week of December – and no guarantee that it would be then – at least double the quoted time-frame quoted.

A call to the salesman resulted in “I told them it would be a few weeks”, which is not what we recall.

My wife requested a refund – here’s where it gets even worse: although the funds were taken out of my account the next business day, Darrell’s tells us that it will take 7-10 business days to get it back – during which time we won’t have the funds to buy a new washer/dryer.

TL/dr: My advice when dealing with Darrell’s Appliance, don’t pay until you have the items in-hand.

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