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Chinese Newspaper: It's time for Beijing to use its “financial weapon” against the U.S.A.

Newspapers in China aren’t like those in the U.S.A. Media isn’t “unbiased” because of freedom of speech, rather, it’s “unbiased” because it’s run by or tightly regulated by the government. In other words, this publication is all but the official opinion of the Chinese Government.

China’s leading newspaper, People’s Daily, said that it was time for Beijing to think about using its “financial weapon” against the United States.

The proposal advises that the Chinese government should “directly link” its purchases of US Treasury debt to Taiwan arms sales and “require” ratings agencies to downgrade the United States so interest paid to China will be forced higher. The article continues that China should also “launch limited trade sanctions” against individual states (whose representatives in Congress) support Taiwan.

“China-US relations will always be constrained by these people and will continue along a roller coaster pattern if China does not beat them until they feel the pain,” the paper said (emphasis added).

Source: Pakalert Press


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