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Candidate for U.S. Senate: Dale Ash

Dear Utah Republicans,

We are engaged in a never-ending war to protect the American vision of individual freedom, individual opportunity, and free enterprise embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This war is a cultural, economic, political, and propaganda war between patriots who believe in freedom and have faith in the rich blessings that freedom provides and liberal, progressive, same-ists or state-ists who believe in total government control because they have no faith in freedom. Ask yourself honestly, are we winning this war with current ideas and leadership?

Our whole American way of life is under attack by elitist “counter-revolutionaries” working against the American Revolution by systematically and deliberately selling the American people the idea that everyone “must BE the SAME” in political and social thought and “HAVE the SAME” regardless of economic and natural realities. These same-ists or state-ists want to use the government, the liberal media, public school indoctrination of our children, and political correctness to force or coerce all of us to be the same. That is not freedom. It is slavery to the state. If we were selling freedom effectively, would our neighbors be buying into total state control to achieve SAME-ism?

We are entrenched in a pitched propaganda battle, which free Americans appear to be losing. We must find our voice and galvanize all who love liberty to our cause.

We must keep freedom first, last, and always on our public agenda. The first act of We the People was protection of our freedom through ratification of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. The last test of any law or act of government must be whether it protects or diminishes those constitutionally protected freedoms. The goal of every American must always be the preservation of our protected freedoms through careful control and management of the power and reach of our government.

We can fix our economy, restore jobs, cut spending, develop incentives to reduce the utilization of free medical care and other entitlements, and keep our military strong.

Jump-starting the economy is first on our list right now and I have recommendations on how to do so on But what will that mean if we let our freedom slip away?

Joseph Stalin said, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Is your mind, heart, and gut telling you Stalin’s plan is working?

Our Supreme Court has:

  • Banned prayer in public schools.
  • Made abortion on demand legal.
  • Used a separation of church and state doctrine designed to drive ALL churches from the public square.
    Eroded Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech in favor of the state’s usurpation of these basic rights to promote atheism over religious belief and the superiority of gay rights over religious conscience.
  • Ruled that burning the American flag is free speech.
  • Defined pornography as protected free speech. Medical research now proves pornography has the same physiological effects on the frontal lobe of the brain as cocaine and methamphetamine. Pornography destroys individuals and families. It may destroy our nation.

Our elected representatives initiated none of these changes. America is weaker because of them. Rex E. Lee, said, “Once a majority of the members of that [Supreme] Court have expressed their view of what the Constitution means, there is no review. Their decision is final and binding on all other governmental officials and on everyone in this country. The only way to change their decision is either to persuade the court to reverse the holding or to obtain a constitutional amendment.”

Since misguided judges have twisted our laws through interpretations of the U.S. Constitution that defy the common sense of the American people, We the People must, therefore, debate and enact constitutional amendments that will provide a course correction for America.

I am running to restore and preserve freedom in America. As Sons and Daughters of Liberty, we need to stand up for freedom today to ensure our grandchildren enjoy it tomorrow.

We believe this is the greatest country on earth. God raised up the Founding Fathers and blessed them with the wisdom to create a constitution and a government that would be a beacon of freedom to all humanity. We have faith in the basic goodness of ordinary Americans like you and me. We know that with hard work, faith in God, common sense, and the application of American ingenuity, America can accomplish anything we decide to achieve that is in harmony with correct principles and natural laws.

Please spend some time exploring my views on If you agree, I am asking for your support in upcoming caucus meetings and if you are selected as a delegate, for your vote during the State Convention.

Thank you and God Bless America,

Dale Ash


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