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Call Your Senators Again, Oppose S.510

Dear Friend of Liberty,

The FDA is craving the power to shut down small food businesses on a whim, and their allies in the Senate are pushing TODAY to make that happen.

Take action now by contacting your senators! Tell them to vote AGAINST S. 510, the War on Food bill, on every vote – including cloture.

Say no to faceless, international elites dictating what you and your family can and can’t eat.

Tell your representative that the FDA needs to be held accountable for its failures, not rewarded for them.

Remind them that Big Ag is aiming to destroy competing food producers like the independent family farm, where the free market works every day to provide the public with safe, affordable food.

Please take action and contact both of your senators today! Tell them to vote AGAINST S. 510.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President


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