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Blog Feeds on My Yahoo!

If you had any question left about whether blogging and site syndication were going to take off, Yahoo! has just added a feature to it’s MyYahoo! service. Currenty in Beta testing, it allows you to search for and add custom RSS feeds (in virtually any format) .

As part of making it easy to find and add RSS headlines to My Yahoo!, we are creating an RSS directory. To date, this directory includes thousands of the most popular blogs and web sites that publish RSS feeds, but it is by no means exhaustive. This is where we need your help during this public beta stage.

If you publish a blog or web site and syndicate in RSS, the best way to make sure people can find it is to add the feed to your own My Yahoo! page. Each time you add a feed to My Yahoo!, the RSS directory is automatically updated. Once the feed in the directory anyone can discover it via the RSS search function.

If you’ve wanted to get into RSS aggrigation, here’s a really simple way, and it’s almost as friendly to use as regular Yahoo! (They’ll get better, no doubt.)

And if anyone’s interested, my feed is


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