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appeals court delays california recall vote

It’s a day of irony in the 9th “Circus” Court of Appeals today. In a move that shows just how hipocritical this Court is the California Recall Election has been blocked (see story).

Their reasoning? Six counties would be using the “outmoded punch card system” which are “prone to error” to track and tally the votes.

So, the same system that elected Governor Davis is “too prone to error” to remove him?

I have an idea, why don’t we make a form that has all the candidates names, parties, and offices listed on it with a nice-sized check box next to it. If you want this person or that initiative, check the box. If you don’t, then leave it blank. Of course this system would entail more time to count the votes, but you don’t have to worry about hanging chads, pregnant chads, racially descriminated chads, age descriminated chads, or any of the countless problems with “digital voting kiosks.”

Why won’t that work? Maybe it’s too simple a solution. Maybe it’d remove too much confusion. Maybe it would greatly reduce the opportunity for “Circus Courts” to legislate from the bench. Then again, maybe I should run for office. 😉


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