Alternative Energy and the Like


My buddy McKay has a blog entry about using Utah Power’s wind-farm as his primary source of power. Funny, he also mentions in a passing note a reference to installing a solar panel array on his roof…

I’ve been doing some research on just that. I’d love to install an array on my roof and be completely self-sufficient as far as electrical power is concerned. Presently the costs are prohibitive… but they’re coming down.

Since we’re talking about ideals here, I’d also like to put two big tanks about six feet under in my back yard, one to hold run-off/rain water, and the other to hold “gray-water.” I’d then water my lawn, flowers, and garden from these two sources before using any secondary water. Sure, you’d have to pump it out, and there would be an electrical need there, but a solar-powered pump might take care of that (especially if you have a low-pressure and/or drip-irrigation system set up).

I’m re-pulling a drip irrigation system for my flower beds this spring, and hopefully in the garden as well. That has yet to be seen, but I’m going to try.

I’d also like to trade in my 30.0 MPG Saturn SL2 for an ’04 Toyta Prius which gets 60MPG City, 51MPG Highway (sticker).

If anyone wants to assist in either of these, go to any Horizon Credit Union branch and deposit any amount you feel appropriate into the “Joe Levi” account. 😉

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