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Abolish the TSA

There’s been a backlash against airport screening procedures. Passengers object to scanners that reveal their naked bodies, and to enhanced pat-downs that would be considered sexual assault anywhere else.

John Tyner summed it up perfectly: “Don’t touch my junk!”

We object to the TSA’s new procedures. But they are just the latest in a long list of indignities imposed upon you since 9/11, such as . . .

  • Being forced to remove your belt and shoes when screened
  • Seeing your toothpaste and nail clippers confiscated

These violations presume that you sacrifice your Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures when you want to board a plane, but the politicians didn’t amend the Constitution to achieve this. They just ignored it.

Congress created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to screen passengers and baggage after 9/11. But the TSA was ill-conceived. Potential terrorists already residing in the U.S. have little incentive to use airplanes in their plots. There are too many other, easier targets. Please take note . . .

Airline-related terrorism attempts since 9/11 — such as the shoe bomber and the underpants bomber – originated overseas, outside the TSA’s jurisdiction.

The entire TSA scheme is like trying to close the barn door after the cows have already escaped.

This is why our new “Don’t Touch My Junk” campaign calls for the outright abolition of the TSA.

Instead of the TSA centralized nightmare, we need a decentralized system where each individual airline provides its own individual approach to security. This would confront terrorists with multiple security systems to crack, while giving consumers choices about how much or how little they want in terms of security checks. Best of all . . .

It relies on the self-interest of the airlines to protect their customers.

If you agree, please tell Congress to abolish the TSA.

The hard-wired letter says, “Please abolish TSA, and permit airlines to provide their own security plans.”

You may also borrow from or copy these additional comments . . .

The TSA has caused . . .

  • Increased wait times and delays
  • Silly bans on carry-on items
  • Humiliating searches
  • Arbitrary harassment, and . . .
  • TSA employee theft of passenger possessions

These burden have caused more people to drive rather than fly, leading to more highway fatalities.

This results in a victory for the terrorists. They get us to change our way of life, and kill more Americans in the process.

The TSA’s new invasive pat-downs and embarrassing naked body scanners will cause even more passengers — who don’t want the TSA to “touch (or see) my junk” — to drive instead of fly. This will lead to even more deaths. And the scanners themselves may cause cancer.

But the TSA isn’t even necessary. Amusement parks, stadiums, and skyscrapers provide their own private security. Airlines should be allowed do the same.

If you abolish the top-down TSA control and adopt a free market in airline security . . .

  • Airports and airlines would be held liable for security lapses that cause harm
  • They would compete and innovate to produce the most customer-friendly, low-cost, efficient forms of security
  • Diversity of security methods would make it harder for potential terrorists and hijackers to plan attacks

You should order the TSA to get rid of the body scanners and end the new pat-downs. But be a visionary leader, and do more. Abolish the TSA.

You can send your letter through’s Educate the Powerful System.

And please share this with your friends who are also concerned about the shredding of our Constitutional rights. For instance, you can share this on Facebook.

Jim Babka, President, Inc.


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