Student of Schanze’s dies in paraglider crash

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the death of a paragliding  student in Imperial Beach, California. Henry Ho, 48, reportedly crashed his paraglider into a pile of rocks near the US/Mexico border and was pronounced dead on scene. Ho was reportedly receiving paragliding instruction from Dell “SuperDell” Schanze, and others in the […]

Commercial: Dell Schanze ‘Abducted’

Do you remember those old commercials for Totally Awesome Computers? The ones where SUPERDELL would yell and get in your face about how you were stupid if you bought a computer from anyone else (and in one case ate a booger)? It turns out a lot of people didn’t like […]

SUPERDELL, Dell Buck Schanze

Find Dell Schanze

There was a time not long ago that I registered a domain to follow the zany antics of Dell Buck Schanze, better known around these parts as “SUPERDELL” (all caps, no spaces). News stories were few and far between and I let the domain expire. Now that Dell is back […]