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With the help of their advisors, Kathy Wilson (Leg 15 Chair) and Natalie Levi (Leg 15 Vice Chair), the Teenage Republicans (TARs) assembled the morning of the Fourth, Independence Day, along the parade route in Kaysville, Utah.


An annual tradition, TARs utilizes this event as a recruitment tool, awareness campaign, and team-building activity, bundled into one very fun activity. This year they had over two dozen teens (and soon-to-be-teens) participate. Before the Kaysville Water Parade begins, friendships are made while posters advertising the TARs are hand-made and hung from the truck and trailer.



Many may not be aware, after the Kaysville Parade proper ends and people have had an opportunity to clear the route, the “largest water fight in Utah” begins.

Stretching from Davis High School to North of the Library, floats loaded with water (and people ready to dispense it) line up and make their way down Main Street. The crowd who remains is usually well equipped with water guns, water balloons, super soakers, buckets, sponges, and even hoses that some stretch through back yards and over fences. The Kaysville Fire Department even pulled out their hoses and turned them on the floats this year.

After the soaking had completed (and the water stores had been exhausted), the TARs regrouped outside the DATA for a light lunch of pizza, crackers, and juice; new members are invited to future activities, and concepts of Liberty and Republican values are shared among all.

Thank you to all who participated and we look forward to this event in years to come!


Photo Credit: Janice Legler (Leg 18 Vice Chair)


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